Integrated Gear


Talk about smart. Integrated models take the fishing gear you wear anyway – such as high-quality bibs – and integrate life-saving floatation into the chest and suspenders. These models are extremely lightweight and work friendly. They don’t snag on gear, are easy to put on, and they clean up with the spray of a hose. While ranked highly by all participants in our 30-day trial, gillnetters and longliners were particularly pleased with integrated options because there’s nothing for nets, lines and hooks to snag on.

PFDs That Work: Overview

Find a variety of styles and brands at these commercial fishing supply companies and manufacturers:

integratedSupply Companies
LFS Marine Supply
Seattle Marine Supply
Kodiak Marine Supply (operated by Seattle Marine Supply)
Alaska Ship Supply
Englund Marine and Industrial Supply

Mustang Survival
Stormy Seas
Guy Cotten

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